Next Generation Telephone Management System

Telephone Management System

Our Next generation Telephone Management System is a web-based Communications Management Solution (CMS) that allows for analytical management which will assist you in providing accurate data within the organization. It will report on the costs of doing day to day business. As our TEMS is a software as a Service (SAAS), there are no infrastructure requirements and initial capital outlay, however it is based on an Opex Model. The objective is to create an understanding of spending patterns on all the below devices:


  • Desk Phones / Fixed line extensions
  • Analogue lines & PRI’s
  • Pin Codes
  • Mobile phones
  • 3G cards


  • Opex based solution

    No large upfront capex fees for acquiring and deploying hardware that could become obsolete.

  • No maintenance fees

    There are no monthly or annual charges to maintain the Telephone Management System solution.

  • Reduced/No onsite resources

    Solution is hosted and can be managed part time by an administrator in finance or IT.

  • No call out fees

    No call outs required to ‘fix’ onsite issues or repeat charges for reoccurring call out.

  • No fixed term contracts

    No lock-in or minimum term reduces the overall risk of the solution also ensuring CUSTOMER experiences the best offering our TMS has.

  • No contract/license renewal fees

    No annual license or renewal fees to continue using the solution. Unlike other systems you save a lot on license renewal costs.

  • Automatic software updates

    You will benefit from general software updates to the platform ensuring they always have the best solution at no additional cost.

  • Hosted Platform

    Superior monitoring of sites nationally with fast isolation and resolution of issues. No need to wait for a technician to become available to go to site.

  • Flexible pricing

    Billed for the exact number devices being reported on. No unused licenses due to “band pricing”

  • Outdated Technology

    As the solution is hosted, VOIPGeeks commit to ensuring its customers use a solution that is always at the forefront of TEMS technology. As a result you will not be ‘stuck’ with an obsolete solution.

  • Monitoring of all traffic

    All traffic can be monitored and reported on all telephone extension and mobile devices. The traffic is represented by CDR’s and EDR’s delivered to us by an automated system.

  • Policing of traffic and users

    All usage can be monitored by the system. For example –volume of calls made, time, duration, private vs. business call usage.

  • Full automation of all services and reminders

    If so required we can set up alerts to the users when business policies and protocols have been exceeded.

  • Consolidation of all divisions and branches

    Being a web-based solution can consolidate all the company’s telephony information into one reporting tree. A single global view for all branches and sites across the country and/or a detailed view down to individual device level.

  • Full technical management of the solution

    VOIPGeeks takes over the full technical management of the solution for you, monitoring the data, updating costing tables and we provide a full-outsourced management solution.

  • Anywhere access

    Developed as a web-based application all the users can access their own records, managers can draw reports per business division and an administrator can draw reports across the group for a consolidated view whenever required.

What We Can Do For You

On-going operation: Once commissioned, designated users can then access the system via a web browser in order to do ad-hoc reporting and directory maintenance. In addition, they can set up scheduled reports to be e-mailed to them on a regular basis. All access to the system is by user logon and is password protected.

VOIPGeeks will provide guidance on how to make the best use of the system and train a designated administrator to set up and maintain the system. VOIPGeeks will always be involved from a management and consulting partner role.

The proposed Installation is as follows:

Initial set-up will include the importation / capture of the company directory information – This will be required from you in an electronic format (a single CSV or MS Excel spreadsheet) per a predefined template that will be provided.
Tree and node set up.
User set up and access rights created from the initial list as supplied by you.
Training will be given to your staff members, as selected by management.

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