VOIP Security

VOIP Security

The common VOIP security issues are interception of calls, Denial of Service (DOS), theft of service, exfiltration of data via media session and malware embedded in signalling and media session.

VOIPGeeks we provide consulting services to assist companies mitigate these risks. Through our Security division BeSecured we provide a wide range of threat and vulnerability management services for any VOIP implementation.

We also provide network and endpoint solution to protect VOIP infrastructure against these risks.


  • Threat and Vulnerability Managment

    Identify and manage threats before the bad guys discover them.

  • Defend your VOIP

    VOIP is part of your IP network and it needs to be defended against virus and malware.

  • Business Continuity

    We protect you, remember an attack would not only halt your data services, but voice as well.

  • Peace of mind

    Knowing that your voice and data is protected against various attacks.

What We Can Do For You

Penetration testing on your VOIP
Identify and revify vulnerabilities
Manage your threats and vulnerabilities

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